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Photographs by Wayne Johnson

For a video that includes aerial shots of Lincoln Pond, click here:
For a collection of still aerial photos, go here: Aerial Photo Sheet Lincoln Pond

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2018 Summer Season Schedule

* ROAD TRASH CLEAN-UP DAY: Saturday, June 23rd, 9 A.M. We will meet at our usual rendezvous location -- the intersection of Lower Pond Way and Lincoln Pond Rd., near the causeway. As before, we will have trash bags for everyone. Bring work gloves and dress accordingly.

* The 2018 ANNUAL MEETING: Our annual meeeting will take place on Saturday, July 7th, at 9:30 a.m. Location: Jeff Sienkiewicz's camp (39 Lower Pond Way). A major focus of the meeting will be the development of a long-term plan to control milfoil. We hope to have representatives from DEC and APA -- from their Habitat and Fisheries divisions -- at the meeting; if they are unable to attend, we will schedule a separate milfoil-focused meeting with them, open to the entire membership (and to Town officials as well).

* SPECIAL MILFOIL/INVASIVE PLANT MEETING: Tuesday, July 31, 10:15 AM. Leigh Walrath from the APA and Tim Post from DEC -- with Gerry Zahavi and Wayne Johnson -- are scheduled to tour Lincoln Pond on the morning of July 31 to evaluate the extent of our Milfoil infestation. They will then make a presentation to Pond Association members at 10:15 AM, discussing different approaches to milfoil control, grant $ sources, state regulations, and long term management recommendations. The presentation will take place at Camp 6, 39 Lower Pond Way (Sienkiewicz's camp).

* ANNUAL SUMMER PICNIC: Saturday, August 11th, starting at 11:30 a.m. at the State campground picnic area. Please bring a dish to share. We wil provide hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers (and vegie burgers for vegetarians), drinks, and everything else.

Kingdom Dam/Water Level Issue

Here is a selection from an early May 2018 correspondence from DEC's managing engineer, Tom Lincoln, on the Kingdom Dam/Water level issue (on correcting the dam elevation and raising the water level height of the lake):

"The modification to the dam is the installation of concrete curbs across the spillway crest. The spillway portion raise is five inches and the notch raise is seven inches. I made a pitch to our staff about reducing the notch depth, and they agreed it would be acceptable. That is why the notch raise is greater than the rest of the spillway. That should improve things during unusually dry times where there will be a higher pond surface.

Clough Harbor was having difficulty getting a contractor to do the work but has reached out to other groups that have done good work with them in the past.

DEC Fisheries and Wetland staff gave permissible dates of mid-June to September 30th to complete the work. Given that the water has to be below the notch elevation to install the curb, we asked Clough Harbor to set up construction to occur after Labor Day. Depending on the weather conditions, ideally the water would be lowered beginning just after Labor Day weekend. This would avoid impacts to the residents during the season. For the 2018 season,

I was able to get the DEC staff to agree to install cinder blocks and/or sand bags to block the existing notch. That will keep the water surface as high as possible for this year at the dam. Those will be installed as the spring flows are reduced and the water is near the spillway crest. Lastly I wanted to reiterate that the dam is still set to operate as run of river as mandated by Fisheries staff during the permitting phase. There will not be different winter and summer elevations for the pond."

* * *


lincoln pond association logo items

* Some Lincoln Pond wine glasses, pub glasses, T-shirts, and bumper stickers will still be available this year. Contact Judy Schwarz at: (518) 942-7023

* If you haven't already sent in your annual membership dues ($15 per camp) please do so now. You can send the dues directly to our treasurer, Jeff Sienkiewicz at 68 Marwick Manor, New Milford, CT 06776, or to Gerry Zahavi, 4172 Lincoln Pond Rd. Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Please make all checks payable to the "Lincoln Pond Association."


Broadband is finally coming -- by next summer! Doug Spilling, chair of the Broadband Committee, will present a full report at our annual meeting in July.



~ ~ ~ ~

Sunset at Lincoln Pond
(Helen Phinney, Aug. 11, 1971)

A kingfisher skims the water -
the water reflecting the
hills and sky
Pools of pink and purple.

Now the colors fade.
The hills take on a deep blue.
The water becomes shimmering
glass - shimmering - moving -
Blue clouds, now, and
darker water - a bird calls
in the trees behind me.

Now all is muted and quiet,
Colors, water - all.

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