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Aerial photo of Lincoln Pond

Aerial view of Lincoln Pond. Photograph by Gerry Zahavi (2014)

For a video that includes aerial shots of Lincoln Pond, click here:
For a collection of still aerial photos, go here: Aerial Photo Sheet Lincoln Pond

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2017 Summer Season Schedule

* 2017 ANNUAL MEETING SCHEDULED for July 22, 2017: The 2017 annual meeting will be held on Saturday, July 22, starting at 9:30 a.m. at Jeff Sienkiewicz's camp -- 39 Lower Pond Way (same place as last year).

Tom Lincoln, supervising engineer from the DIvision of Operations, DEC will be at the meeting to present an overview of, and Powerpoint presentation on, the Kingdom Dam Project -- explaining how and why it progressed as it did. He will also answer questions about the project.

We will be considering a revision to our constitution and bylaws -- expanding the number of board members. The proposed revision is to article IV, changing the number of directors from "4 members" to "a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 members." The full text of the proposed revision of Article IV follows: "The Board of Directors will consist of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 members, plus the president, secretary and treasurer. All members shall be elected from the active membership of the Association. The directors shall formulate the policies of the Association." For our current full copy of our Constittuion and Bylaws, see: BYLAWS.

Our last year's meeting minutes are available here: 2016 General Membership Meeting Minutes

2017 SEASON PICNIC (August 19th): This year's Association picnic is scheduled for Saturday, August 19th, starting at noon. We'll post more details closer to the event. As in the past, it will be a pot luck picnic with the Association providing the main meat and vegetarian dishes and members bringing salads, desserts, and so on. Again -- we'll post more details later. We have reserved space at the State campground. MAKE SURE TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS AN ASSOCIATION MEMBER WHEN ENTERING THE CAMPSITE; YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY.
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* Some Lincoln Pond wine glasses, pub glasses, T-shirts, and bumper stickers will still be available this year. Contact Judy Schwarz at: (518) 942-7023

* If you haven't already sent in your annual membership dues ($15 per camp) please do so now. You can send the dues directly to our treasurer, Jeff Sienkiewicz at 18 Aspetuck Ridge Road, New Milford, CT 06776 or to Gerry Zahavi, 4172 Lincoln Pond Rd. Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Please make all checks payable to the "Lincoln Pond Association."


Our broadband initiative has slowed, unfortunately. We are still waiting for NYS to announce the partnership grants that are to be made available for broadband expansion into rural underserved areas. We'll let you know when we hear more.

* VERIZON FRANKENPINE CELL TOWER PROJECT: The Verizon Wireless tower is now in place and operating smoothly. More towers will soon be completed offering stronger and more direct T-Mobile and ATT service. Several camps are now receiving very strong signals (5 bars) via the Verizon tower. ATT reception is acceptable on the east side of the Pond and strong up the hill along the upper part of Simonds Hill Road and also on the upper part of Lincoln Pond Road as you head toward Mineville (covered by the Belfry cell tower at the end of the Belfry trail).



~ ~ ~ ~

Sunset at Lincoln Pond
(Helen Phinney, Aug. 11, 1971)

A kingfisher skims the water -
the water reflecting the
hills and sky
Pools of pink and purple.

Now the colors fade.
The hills take on a deep blue.
The water becomes shimmering
glass - shimmering - moving -
Blue clouds, now, and
darker water - a bird calls
in the trees behind me.

Now all is muted and quiet,
Colors, water - all.

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