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Misty day on Lincoln Pond. Taken in 2012. Photograph by Gerald Zahavi
For a collection of aerial photos of Lincoln Pond, go here
: Aerial Photo Sheet Lincoln Pond
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[Updated 4/16/2021]



Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we adjusted our planned activities as summarized below.


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING REPORT: We met at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 8th at the Adirondack History Museum pavilion in Elizabethtown (see photo). While attendance was a bit under our normal numbers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had a very productive meeting. See: MINUTES FROM THE MEETING (and treasurer's report).

ROAD CLEANUP -- We met on Saturday, June 20, 2020 for our annual road clean-up. More than two dozen Association members showed up (some arrived after the photo was taken).What a turnout! We were done in less than an hour! We kept our distance, and had ample supplies of gloves and hand sanitizer to keep everyone safe. Thanks to all who showed up!

LPA Road cleaup 06-20-2020




LAST YEAR'S MEETING MINUTES: LPA Meeting Minutes 7-20-19 [FINAL].pdf

News and Announcements

UPDATE ON THE LAKE CHAMPLAIN BASIN PROGRAM GRANT (3-17-2020): Northeast Aquatic Research's final report is now ready here: Northeast Aquatic Research - Lincoln Pond Report (FINAL ~ 1-14-2020).pdf. (See also the appendix: Northeast Aquatic Research Final Report - Map Appendix.pdf). The report and recommendations will allow us to begin our milfoil control work; it will also put us in a better position to obtain larger grants to assist us in implementing our subcontractor's recommendations.

CAUSEWAY BRIDGE: We hope to have the Lincoln Pond causeway bridge raised and widened in the future for safety and recreational reasons. We have been in conversation with the Essex County DPW and learned that currently, without external grant funding, it is slotted for reconstruction some time around 2037-38. If outside funds can be raised (around $700,000 +/-) this can be done sooner. In the course of researching the history of the bridge, I came across the following old Essex County DPW sketches, records, and images which might be of interest to some of our members: 1) Lincoln Pond Bridge (1930s) plan - PDF file ; 2) PHOTO ~ Pre-1988 Bridge Over Lincoln Pond Causeway 3) Culvert Schematic - Lincoln Pond Causeway 4) First page of petition on enlarging bridge (circa 1987~1988) - PDF file 5) sketch of 1988 bridge-culvert over LP 6) LP bridge 006 7) LP bridge 007 8) LP bridge 009

DUES: If you haven't already sent in your annual membership dues ($20 per camp) please do so now. You can send the dues directly to our treasurer, Jeff Sienkiewicz at 68 Marwick Manor, New Milford, CT 067or to Gerry Zahavi, 4172 Lincoln Pond Rd. Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Please make all checks payable to the "Lincoln Pond Association."

LINCOLN POND LOGO MERCHANDISE (all proceeds support the Association):

lincoln pond association logo items

* Some Lincoln Pond T-shirts are available now. More are being ordered (along with other items, soon to be announced). If interested, contact Susan Bradford at: Please insert “Lincoln Pond tee shirts” in the email’s subject line.


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Sunset at Lincoln Pond
(Helen Phinney, Aug. 11, 1971)

A kingfisher skims the water -
the water reflecting the
hills and sky
Pools of pink and purple.Now the colors fade.
The hills take on a deep blue.
The water becomes shimmering
glass - shimmering - moving -
Blue clouds, now, and
darker water - a bird calls
in the trees behind me.

Now all is muted and quiet,
Colors, water - all.

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