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Loons on Lincoln Pond (Summer, 2023). Photo by Ed Crandall.
For a collection of aerial photos of Lincoln Pond, go here
: Aerial Photo Sheet Lincoln Pond

Wildlife sightings around Lincoln Pond: a bull moose. 

Photo from trail camera maintained by Dave Lawrence on the hill west of Lincoln Pond.

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                              Summer 2023 Schedule            

Road Clean-Up (7/8/2023): This year's road trash collection was re-scheduled twice due to rain. A very small group showed up on the 8th leading to a discussion about a possible reorganization of our efforts. That discussion continued at our annual membership meeting and we decided to adopt a new procedure for road trash pick up in the future. We will schedule a single WHOLE Association road clean up day early next season, followed by group sign-ups for follow-up road trash collection throughout the summer. We prepared a map identifying six road zones groups can sign up for: Lincoln Pond Road - Zoned Trash Clean Up Map). A few people have already signed up to cover zones THIS season.
Finally -- related to this topic -- during our July 8th road work, we discovered a major illegal dumping site along Lincoln Pond Road and close to Brandy Brook, on the stretch of sharp curves descending down to the Pond from the east. A second dump site, near the first one, was later also discovered. The DEC and the local sheriff's office were notified and are now investigating the sites and trying to locate those responsible for them.

Annual Membership Meeting (7/15/2023): Our annual membership meeting took place -- as in past years -- at the Sienkiewicz camp, 39 Lower Pond Way, on Saturday, July 15th. We will post the minutes from that meeting once it becomes available. You can view minutes from last year's meeting here: MINUTES FROM THE SUMMER 2022 MEETING 

Annual Summer Picnic (8/12/2023):  Our annual summer picnic will take place on Saturday, August 12th, starting at 11:30 AM. As before, we will meet at the DEC campsite picnic area (near the beach). We will provide the meat and vegetarian main dishes -- and beverages. Please bring side dishes -- such as desserts or salads.

                                                 NOTICES AND ACTIVITIES 

* As many of you know, the Lincoln Pond Association has long participated in the Lake Management Tracker Program administered by APPIP (Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program). For more information about this, go to LAKE MANAGEMENT TRACKING PROGRAM.
As participants in the program, we track the spread of milfoil and try to detect any other invasive aquatic species threatening the health of Lincoln Pond. For those who are interested in helping out in August with our field tracking, you will need to attend a training session. Luckily, you can do so both in person or on line. A live virtual training session is scheduled for June 21 but you can also watch the recording of the session at another time. To sign up for the training session go to LAKE MANAGEMENT TRACKING PROGRAM TRAINING.

* WE received DEC approval for our buoy installation, but only for four buoys.  All have been deployed -- two by the causeway and two on the far side of the small island across from the causeway.

* See more notices and information on local Intternet service providers, the Lake Champlain Basin Program Grant (including access to the final report), and the causeway bridge replacement plans here: Notices/Activities -- or via the menu link at the bottom of this page).

* DUES: If you haven't already sent in your annual membership dues ($20 per camp) please do so now. You can send the dues directly to our treasurer, Jeff Sienkiewicz at 68 Marwick Manor, New Milford, CT 06776 or to Gerry Zahavi, 4172 Lincoln Pond Rd. Elizabethtown, NY 12932. Please make all checks payable to the "Lincoln Pond Association."

* LINCOLN POND LOGO MERCHANDISE (all proceeds support the Association):

lincoln pond association logo items

* Some Lincoln Pond T-shirts, mugs, and glasses are available now. More are being ordered (along with other items, soon to be announced). If interested, contact Susan Bradford at: Please insert “Lincoln Pond tee shirts” in the email’s subject line.


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Sunset at Lincoln Pond
(Helen Phinney, Aug. 11, 1971)

A kingfisher skims the water -
the water reflecting the
hills and sky
Pools of pink and purple.Now the colors fade.
The hills take on a deep blue.
The water becomes shimmering
glass - shimmering - moving -
Blue clouds, now, and
darker water - a bird calls
in the trees behind me.

Now all is muted and quiet,
Colors, water - all.

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