2010 Lincoln Pond Water Quality Reports (from CSLAP/DEC):
1) Lincoln Pond Scorecard (summary)
2) Scorecard Criteria (explanation of former document)
3) CSLAP 2010 Lincoln Pond Water Quality Summary

Kingdom Dam Inspection Reports:
Kingdom Dam Phase 2 Final Report, Revision 1, Vol. 1: Kingdom_Phase 2 Final Report Volume 1.
Kingdom Dam Phase 2I Report - Vol 2 (Hydraulic and Hydrologic Supplement for Kingdam Dam on Lincoln Pond): Kingdom Phase 2 H&H Final Report, Vol 2.

Information on Town Road designations: "Low Volume Road Designations" in Talk of the Towns (publication of Association of Towns of the State of New York)

  • Lincoln Pond Association By-Laws (last revised 1994).
  • Lincoln Pond, Aquatic Moth Final Report, 2002. ["Augmentation of the Aquatic Moth, Acentria ephemerella, for Control of Eurasian watermilfoil, Myriophyllum spicatum, Lincoln Pond/Milfoil Control Project Year 3 - 2002"].
  • Millfoil Moth Studies Press Release, 2003. ["Three Years of Milfoil Moth Studies in Lincoln Pond," By Anita Deming, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Essex County.
  • Lincoln Pond CSLAP Four Year Report.
  • Lincoln Pond Association Camper Brochure.
  • Weeds in Lincoln Pond.
  • Lincoln Pond Technical Report (1979). This is a historical document that should be of interest to Association members. Since copies are quite rare, we've put it on the WWW as an Adobe *.pdf file.
  • 2004 CITIZENS STATEWIDE LAKE ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (CSLAP) Report on Lincoln Pond [PDF File. You will need Adobe Acrobat software to view this file. It is available free from

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